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Fully show up as you at work. Stop self doubt from stopping your career progression. Trust yourself and your opinions.

Learn to trust YOU so that you can have the confidence to make bold moves in your career.

self trust is the key to career success
When we don't trust ourselves, we are filled with anxiety and self doubt. It becomes difficult to make quick decisions. Every email we get held up in a cycle of proofing and re-writing. Every meeting we sit in, we have that battle in our head - the one where we're urging ourselves to speak up at the same time as we're telling ourselves it's best not to say anything until we're sure. 

So we stay silent. Play it safe. Stop ourselves from fully showing up. As a result, our career can get caught in a holding pattern. I know what this feels like. This was me. And this has been so many of my clients. But it doesn't have to stay this way.

You can learn to trust yourself. And with that trust, you become rooted in self confidence. And you become unstoppable. You can do this. I'll teach you how.
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The program components
This 3-month program is designed to give you everything you need to create more self confidence, now. As a result, you end the program not only feeling more self confident, but already having applied specific tools and practices to show up more fully as you in your career. The program includes the following components to help you do just that:

membership portal

This portal contains videos and worksheets to teach you how to build self confidence. Every week there are topic-specific trainings and step-by-step actions so you can instantly apply the materials.
Meet with your coach weekly so that you can get guidance to overcome barriers, work through difficult career situations, and create a new way to approach you and your career with confidence.



Get customized action steps specific to your career and confidence goals every week. This way you're not just taking in new tools; you're using them on your career so you can see immediate results.
Receive access to bonus curriculum and exclusive resources that is continuously being updated. You always get the latest tools and research-based practices to take your confidence to the next level.

bonus curriculum

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take your confidence to the next level 
and experience amazing career success because of it.
Here's the week-by-week program roadmap to take you there. 
in this program
you learn to
be self confident and trust yourself
set and take action on career goals
speak up and share opinions at work
make decisions confidently
know what you want in your career
stop self doubt from stopping you
Click the Enroll Now  button and take the key next step to Self Confident You and your career on your own terms.
real results from real clients
see what they're saying
"I am so happy to find Lisa Philyaw Coaching. She uses a professional, scientifically-proven approach that helped me learn about myself and realize how my own brain gets me confused...I'm feeling much happier now, and more confident about my decisions...This coaching program was a life saver at the moment of my self doubt. I still continue practicing what I have learned with Lisa."
natalia b
"more self confidence, especially when it comes to making decisions"
"Lisa's coaching program was extremely helpful for me in gaining more self-confidence, especially when it comes to making decisions. I learned how to differentiate what I really want in life and at work from what I think I should do. I also now have the tools that help me work through negative emotions and anxiety and ensure that I stick to my decisions. I definitely feel more confident and at peace at myself."
Maria T
"shifted my mindset so that I am empowered"
"Prior to working with Lisa, the decision to speak my mind in uncomfortable situations at work and to take action to pursue opportunities with uncertain outcomes in my career resulted in a lot of self doubt and anxiety. Through working with Lisa, I learned frameworks that shifted my mindset so that I am empowered to take on these situations more effectively and confidently."
Jessie c
"Highly Recommend her services"
"She helped me see new opportunities in my life transitions when I was having a hard time navigating through them. I feel much more empowered in questioning my negative thought patterns with new tools from Lisa. I would encourage you to talk with Lisa as she is an excellent listener and would highly recommend her services."
Kris H
I remember when...
I remember when self doubt stopped my confidence and my career. It stopped me from making decisions. From speaking up. From even knowing what I wanted for me. I would stay late at work to overcompensate for feeling inadequate. I would hedge my opinion or not share it at all for fear of upsetting others or being seen as an idiot. I would smile along, put on a show, and on the inside, be filled with anxiety, doubt, and self criticism because it seemed everyone else had already figured out how to be confident and sure of themselves. My self confidence was at an all time low, and my career was stuck. 
lisa philyaw
  • Coached over 1,000 clients 
  •  Master's in Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • ​Corporate Learning and Development Expert
  • ​Experienced Coach, Trainer, Coach, and Facilitator for organizations and individuals
I learned to trust me and am self confident
I learned to trust me and be self confident. I got my dream job.
I began showing up powerfully, confidently in my role. To have an opinion, and actually express it. To have my own back even when I fall flat on my face. To know that no matter what, I am here for me. To increase my salary by 15%. And then two years later increase it again by another 25%. To finally love ME for me. And to get to share that brilliant self with the world. Now I help others create self confidence and career results for themselves.

You can have this, too. You are closer than you may think. Work with me in this program and become truly self confident. For you, for your career, for the world.
This is your defining moment for your confidence and career.
This 3-month program starts January 4th, and enrollment is open NOW. 

The Investment is $1,500 and only 17 spots remain. 

One of them could be yours.

For details and to enroll, click the Enroll Now button before the countdown ends. 

The sooner, you enroll, the sooner you get the bonus material and the sooner you become Self Confident You for your career.
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